The yurshaect is an aberration that weighs more than five tons as an adult. Its low to the ground body is supported by four powerful legs capable of lifting the yurshaect more than ten feet into the air.  Its mouth is located on its belly and connected directly to its stomach through a series of muscular valves.  The mouth covers the entire underside and is capable of swallowing a human sideways.  Rows of serrated teach serve to hold the victim in the mouth as it passes through the valves, but also to rip the meal into bits as the creature chews.  The leap is used to position the creature’s mouth on top of its prey. 

The yurshaect's tails are long and whip-like ending in bony serrations.  The tails are used to slice into larger prey or to cut smaller prey in half.  The back of the yurshaect is armored like a tsav in an almost impenetrable shell.  It's shell is covered in an array of spikes including a ring of them at the edge of the shell leaving only a smooth well for the legs.  It's head has two sets of eyes, one pair on either side that remain open while its on the ground, and another pair underneath near the non-existent neck that only open when its in the air.  A row of four nostrils on either side allow the aberration to breath through a respiratory system not connected to its digestive system. 

The yurshaects run from yellows and browns to rust colored and are usually found out in deserts or rocky foothills. Most of them are found on Beltair out in the remote Desert of Yur.