Yrae'nei Krand
Loar character
Kind Human
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Class Druid
Book(s) Sundered
Home Island Bethairia
Yrae'nei Krand is a human druidess from the Sa'ardrake clan. In the custom of the monster hunting tribes, she was gifted to the Mordwolves to be betrothed to Thean Layisar, their best hunter.

Yrae'nei is level headed, soft spoken, and happy. She provides a pefect foil for Thean's temperment. For the few years that she has been a member of the Mordwolves, Yrae'nei has grown to love Thean and his clan. She gets along famously with Anemone, Thean's sister. Her one worry is that Thean seems to feel that the Prophecy has it out for him since he is picked more often than the rest of the clan combined. In fact, no other man or woman in the history of the clans has ever been chosen so often. Yrae'nei worries that Thean will begin to shirk his duty out of frustration and it will lead him to great pain.

Her brother, Nausor, is the next in line for chief of the Sa'ardrake clan. He is betrothed to Indrys Garhawk.


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