Wizards are one of the oldest known types of Mage. Their magic is external, using laws of shapes and language to reshape reality to their will. Wizard spells are learned from books, long studies made of the universe itself, and how the arcane energies of the universe can be channeled through the physical and mental aspects of that universe. It takes a keen mind with a powerful memory and a great patience to become a wizard of any level of success. The intricate patterns, the recall for physical reagents or components to go with particular spells, and the correct pattern of words and their intonations prove beyond most individuals, though there is no restriction on Kind. Neither is their any advantage of Kind since the magic is external.

Wizard magic is hardly a match for elemental sorcerery or even a sorcerer's power. Instead, wizards tend to work more with practical magic, especially magical devices and artifacts. They enchant all manner of objects for useful purposes, such as self-sustaining ice pantries to store food for long periods, wizard globes to provide light without fire or smoke, and other such devices.

Some myths whisper that before the Sundering, wizards had access to more power and significantly more intricate spells. Given the complexity of the most powerful wizard spells currently known, the minds required to cast those mythological spells would necessarily be close to godhood.



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