Were-kin refers to a wide range of kinds with the capacity to shift their bodies into different animal forms. Their origins are lost in the mists of time, long before even the Sundering. Most were-kin are able to shift into two different animal forms, a tame form nearly indistinguishable from the animal their form mimics, and a battle form that is half animal, half humanoid, and carries many of the trademarks of Mord type beasts.

Were-kin society is barely recognizable as such. Small family units form to bear children, but those are quickly left to fend for themselves. Their regenerative abilities and battle forms (which is instinctive even in the very young) give a high rate of survival. Most parents believe their children are better served learning to survive on their own.

There are two means by which were-kin can breed, either through their humanoid form (Human to Human or Orc to Orc) or in their animal form (dog-kind to dog-kind or cat-kind to cat-kind). In the former, the humanoid form breeds true and only one animal form surfaces. In the latter, a Half-breed humanoid is born while the animal form breeds true.

Were-kin are not diseased and cannot pass on their abilities through bites or claws or any other means. However, there have been increasing reports of rogue were-kin, especially the werewolves, who have gone rabid. These reports all include stories of a disease infesting those who hunt the werewolves and warping them into a mockery of the battle form of the were-wolf. These new, rapid forms are utter rage, mad with pain, and do not live more than a few months.