Ruler: Lord Braeden Thunder - Human Male Aeromancer
Export: military training, extreme recreation, timber, foodstuffs, weapons & armor
Import: refined goods
Pulon city: Swordgate
Est. Pop.: 20 million


Upper Atalicon is the home to the only standing military force in Loar. The Island is a single large training ground, barracks, and fortress area surrounded by wild tracts of forest, grassland, and hills all used for training exercises. It is also home to a large number of aberrations which are allowed to flourish under the skilled army of the Thunder Lords because they provide the best live training for soldiers. These areas are also maintained as an extreme sports recreation area for the richer members of society. In addition to lumber and crops (both which grow in abundance despite the harsh wild lands), Upper Atalicon also exports superior weapons and armor.


Islands of Loar Quartet: