Trolls vary even among their own kind depending on where they live. They are a highly adaptable kind that take on the aspects of wherever they live, though it takes a generation to do so. Some of the more common variety include: Forest, Mountain, River, and City Trolls. Wherever they live, Trolls are renowned for their ability to survive hostile environments, mainly due to their magical regenerative abilities. Even a severed limb can be reattached as if nothing ever happened.

Trolls tend to be solitary creatures coming together only to mate twice in a lifetime, which means the Troll population has been a constant in Loar for more than a thousand years. Once the female gives birth, one or the other parent will raise the child alone until the child wanders off one day.

Trolls tend to seclude themselves from the rest of society as well, though they are not often hostile to it. They just prefer to be left alone with themselves. Many take up crafts or professions that require the use of the mind. They love puzzles, riddles, and mazes. A good many are prospectors, engineers, or infrastructure coordinators for large cities. Trolls take on several professions at once and almost always have Artificer or Wizard among them.