Thick green fur as soft as goose down covers the animal’s hide. It has the appearance of some great elk or other lean grazing animal, except that its muscular legs end in clawed feet like a cat. Multiple, independent horns grow from the head. Each curves and twists in random directions without discernable reason. One of the warped monsters from the Sundering, thyraviir host an amalgam of fangs and flat teeth within their mouths. They use these to eat both plants and meat. Initially hunted like other monsters, some soon found the creature’s pelts resistant to stains and wear making them highly prized.

The creature’s double pair of wings stand out most. They are shaped like the wings of a bat or other such animals. The green fur covers the wide leather expanses. From a distance it made the wings look as if they had green feathers. The powerful fliers hunted meat from the sky when not grazing on grasses and shrubs on the ground.

Eventually, more practical monster hunters discovered that the creatures are intelligent and docile enough to tame as pets and mounts. Flying mounts are difficult to find and train but well worth the effort and expense. The population of thyraviir included enough members to allow them to make their way back from the brink of extinction once they stopped being hunted. Now the people of Loar accept the beasts as an exotic animal rather than a true monster. They reserved ‘monster’ for things that fed on humanoids or land destroyers like shibous, landsharks, and hades-worms.