A sylph is a special sub-category of Fey in Loar because they have grown so in number so as to spread out from Fairilund and manage to maintain a distinct culture from the rest of the Fey population. Sylphs stand just above 3' as adults and are generally found on the highest ground available or on wide open plains where the wind blows. The sylphs are strongly tied to Lord Pneumadel's realm and the element of air. Most follow an arcane path and many are Aeromancers or sorcerers, though some choose different paths within the magical arts. A small number choose a more physical profession. Male sylphs are called sylphons. They tend to be slightly stronger and heartier in build than females of the kind and they only have two wings. Sylphon have a wide range of colors and patterns for their wings, hair, and eyes, sometimes having up to six or seven distinct color schemes. Female sylphs are called sylpheids. Their color schemes are less flamboyant such that a sylpheid will only have shades of yellow or shades of blue, but not both throughout their wings, hair, and eyes. However, sylpheid generally have two sets of wings, a larger main pair and a smaller pair lower down on their backs making them more agile (and harder for sylphons to catch during courtship).