Steel is the tentative title for the first Work in Progress since before Ernie's marriage in August of 2005.  It is the product of an online class in collaboration with a student of Brandon Sanderson's based on the classes that Brandon teaches at Brigham Young University.  The collaboration is called "Write About Dragons".

The story is intended to be a stand alone Novella somewhere around 30,000 words in length.


The Tanniyn are a kind of dragon divided up into over a hundred different breeds.  This story focuses on Iyrex, a young Tanniyn of the Sideron breed.  As a Sideron Tanniyn, Iyrex has dedicated his life to defending his people from raids by a race of giants called the Nephanak who harvest the Tanniyn as a primary resource.

One of the primary laws of Tanniyn society is a prohibition against mating between the distinct breeds.  In times past, such interbreeding has wrought great devastation on the Tanniyn.  So, of course, Iyrex finds himself caught up in a romance with Coara, an Anthrakeutic Tanniyn.



Flora and FaunaEdit