The Stamdiir is a feral predator capable of preying upon smaller Tanniyn.  The general shape and look of the creature is wolfish.  However, the likeness is only very general.  They have duplicate sets of almost every organ including eight legs, two pair of eyes, four nostrils, four ears, a double row of vicious teeth, and many of its internal organs.  Stamdiir fur is coated in an oil from a special gland that makes them impervious to many Tanniyn breath weapons, especially fire and caustic clouds and sprays.  A triple nictating membrane over the eyes and a similar set of flaps within the nose protect the more vulnerable organs from the same attacks.  However, the nictating membranes are thin and fragile and easily pierced by physical attacks.

Stamdiir are matriarchal in their society.  Most matriarchs will keep one or two males around for mating, but the rest are cast out to fend for themselves once they reach mating age.  If they can kill males in a different pack, they can then take their place.  Otherwise, they tend to set out a large territory for hunting, subsisting on whatever wanders in. 

Nephanak hunt them for their pelts.  Sideron Tanniyn kill them wherever they find them to keep them from encroaching on Tanniyn lands and hunting weaker breeds.