Saddoch, the Loarians called him. A nightmare being, Saddoch did not content himself with killing and eating like less intelligent monsters. He retained a limited intelligence and cunning twisted by the Sundering itself and aged to full madness by long years...years through which he could not die. Saddoch passed his time by stalking and capturing humanoids alive.

Humanoid himself, at least in general form, he ran on two legs bent backwards like a cat’s. They gave him great speed unmatched by even destrachor. Grossly over muscled arms protruded from not just his shoulders but the entire side of his torso too. Those arms had wrestled beasts like hadakhars and won, though he made sure to leave them alive to further terrorize Bethairia. He sought to avoid only a few creatures throughout his life: the fearsome jabberwalky, the vendyko, and the long-extinct dragons, if they had still existed. Out of his back grew a number of prehensile tentacles that could snake out and grab unsuspecting creatures of a size with humans.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Saddoch is found by Eillowy, Doogan Riftwind's first elder whisper who had been corrupted by Tixu's demonic magic. She leads him to Doogan's group who has come to Bethairia to recapture the ARC and restore air to the Island. Saddoch finds a village just ahead of the group and tortures a woman in front of the townsfolk who can do nothing to help in the rarified air. Doogan and his group arrive and immediatly attack, but Saddoch relishes the pain and it seems no wound lasts for more than a few seconds.

Amirith realizes that Saddoch is not immune to fire and enchants a number of weapons with it. The battle becomes more balanced. The group developes a groove and the tide turns in their favor. Then, Sareh times a shot wrong. Saddoch takes the opportunity to snatch Doogan and disappear into the wilds of Bethairia.

Before he decides to stop and torture Doogan and kill him, Saddoch encounters Ethaniel Phorj and Anemone Layisar. They are traveling to Malichorum's mansion to see if they can help. Ethaniel defeats Saddoch in single combat with little effort using divine power.

Islands of Loar: ProphecyEdit

Saddoch is revealed to be a Semachis that failed to escape before the Sundering. He was never subject to the Veil of Niaaca. The raw magical power unleashed in the Sundering drove him partially mad and kept him from becoming more than just a monster. Had he remained sane, Saddoch likely would have enslaved the entire world.