Loar character
Kind Were-kin
Age 93
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Light brown (Golden)
Class Fighter
Book(s) Sundered
Home Island Fairilund

Quelbos is a gruff, no-nonsense member of the elite patrols on Fairilund serving under Lady Steelguard. He appears human at first, but is in truth a were-kin whose alternate form is that of a a mordwolf.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Under the command of Bayonca, Quelbos serves as part of an elite scouting unit for Lady Sasha Steelguard, ruler of the Island of Fairilund. Bayonca's unit is attached to Captain Jai Rogeddian under a specially commissioned patrol from Steelguard. During the patrol, they encounter a monster hunting barbarian from named Thean Layisar and his archer friend, Marli Nadjia. Thean is caught illegally hunting wildlife on Fairilund using his clansman training and a special power called therionpoimen. The two Bethairians are arrested and brought to Lady Steelguard's castle.

She publically chastises the two, but gives them a stay from harsher punishment by tasking them to join the elite scouting group in surveying a remote town devastated by some unknown attack. The investigation reaches a cave at the top of a mountain alongside the river that provides the town's water. The aberrations that attack are actually of several different kinds, but they are intelligent and coordinated.

The mission is technically a success as the patrol has learned what wiped out the village, but the loss of Bayonca and Perstault is a heavy burden to bear. Quelbos will likely step up to take the lead of the patrol.


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