Ruler: Lady Tisha Teramere - Human Female Aeromancer
Export: metals (raw and refined), gems, geoshards
Import: food, finished goods
Pulon city: Arch City
Est. Pop.: 11 million


Quarry Island is one single, continuous mine. It is, by far, the largest of the Islands mass-wise, though its original surface area was nearly the same as Beltair. Its deep underground is filled with all manner of precious ore, worldshards (especially geoshards), and gems. The mining of the Island has proceeded at the same pace for more than a millennium and hollowed it out so that Quarry resembles an enormous bowl. Its central Lake sits at the bottom of the bowl, a large, muddied body of water with many aberrant aquatic life forms. Homes are semi-permanent around the interior edges of the bowl where mine entrances are and along the lip at the edges of the Island itself. There are a number of major cities with concentrated populations. Quarry is an efficient machine run by organized leaders and workers.


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