Literally “fire charmer”. Pyromancers are sorcerers who exclusively use magic to control fire and heat in all its forms. During the Sundering, Pyromancers channeled the heat of the explosion of the world around the Islands, preventing them from breaking up into unlivable debris.

After the Sundering, the Pyromancers anchored powerful spells to generate heat within the bowels of each Island. These spells similated the warming heat of a planet's central core allowing life to grow and survive without freezing in the depths of the Void.

When the [[Geomancer|Geomancers] eventually shaped the Pulons, they required that fire sorcerery be used to activate them. After the War of Wind and Fire, which the Pyromancers lost to the Aeromancers, only a few Pyromancers were kept alive, enslaved by a wizard's creation, the slave crown, to operate the Pulons. A few others are kept in powerfully warded prisons in an unknown location as breeding stock for the occassional death.

On rare occassions, a true Pyromancer is born to non-Pyromancers. Once identified, usually as children or teens, they are arrested and removed from their families for life. Some are known to serve the at the Pulons. Most are thought to be executed. Lord Jareb Janim of Xamador currently oversees their disposition.



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