Pnema squids are a squishy, boneless water creature harvested for occasions when the clans need to stay under water for extended periods of time. Instead of ink, like some of the creatures’ cousins, their bladders hold concentrated, breathable air. Once removed from the water they enter a hibernation state where they live on the air in their bladder in a highly efficient recycling system.

The most useful property of the creature is that a humanoid can attach the creature’s mouth to their nose (it has tubules, not a beak like others of its kind) and along their face. Thus, the humanoid can breath along with the pneuma squid which filters the air exhaled into the creature and consequently into the highly efficient air filtering system (which is similar to photosynthesis but not based in chlorplasts). The relationship is symbiotic allowing the creature to draw nutrients from the host for a short time while the host can effectively breathe under water. Only one drawback exists - if the creatures are used outside of the water, when it enters its hibernation state, then the host is forced to drink excessive amounts of water or the squid eventually dehydrates the host.

Pneuma squids range through a host of colors and have limited color-changing capacity (generally shades of their primary color scheme). They mate randomly laying thousands of eggs. The eggs are a tasty food for several underwater predators as well as a delicacy for elfs.