A shiny orange-colored plant with tiny stinging filaments and longer, razor-sharp thorns. The filaments secret a toxin that stings intensely enough to paralyze muscle, though it tends not to penetrate reptilian hides. The needle has a slightly different chemical that causes flight response in most vertebrates. Even seriously wounded will ignore pain when injected by the needle and flee for up to five minutes at top speed.

Pholug nettle

The pholug plant is harvested by clansmen for a variety of reasons. The raw toxins are used in combat against aberrations, poachers, and other enemies. However, when boiled, the toxins break down into oils that can be separated through centrifugal effect. One of the oils is the antidote for the paralysis, while the other deadens nerves. When the needle toxin is frozen, it forms a powder that can be mixed into certain teas to produce adrenaline responses to heighten physical capabilities during battle.