Orcs are a powerful humanoid kind that are as perfectly integrated into Loar society as any other kind. They have within their kind a number of different races based on skin color, much like Humans, including obsidian, browns, greens, and yellows. Orcs are stronger and slightly larger than Humans and just as intelligent and just as diversified in their choice of professions. Orcs rarely live more than a century and a quarter.

Orc society differs depending on the orc. The nuclear family exists within a larger, tribal structure. These tribes exist traditionally as monster-hunting clans out in the open wilds, as gangs in the seedier places in the cities, and sometimes as family businesses with many branches or even commerce clans. Most tribes are lead by an alpha male, who may or may not be the oldest male of the family. In rare instances, an alpha-female rises to leadership within a tribe.

After ten years of age, children are traded among tribes based on parents sole discretion. They are often named by the new tribe and consider themselves of the Island they are raised on from that point on rather than the Island they are born on.