Ruler: Unknown
Export: None
Import: None
Pulon City: Unknown
Est. Pop.: 0


Very little is known of this Island as it disappeared very early in the A.S. period of Loar. It was thought to be much like Quarry in many ways, with a predilection for order and organization. Optrinicus is always referred to (in the scant documents that describe it) as very clean, a wondrous place to be. It was also a favored home to geomancers. It’s loss heralded the single largest loss of geomancers ever, though none connect it to the eventual complete disappearance of that class of mage.

Optrinicus was an Island that focused mainly on mining rare metals and all Worldshards, especially Geoshards. Before technology was declared a sin by the Council of Wind, Optrinicus had been the central repository of all knowledge of technology from before the Sundering.

The pulon to Optrinicus mysteriously disappeared some time after the Geomancers began disappearing. No contact with that Island has been made since.


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