Ogres are a massive humanoid kind towering up to 10' high or greater. Many choose professions that rely on the great physical strength they are so well known for such as armoragon or some other class of fighter. A number of monster hunting barbarian clans are comprised largely of ogres. A small few ogres have taken up wizardry, but these generally relate poorly to the rest of their kind and do not associate with them much.

Ogres are stongly matriarchal as a society as they place great stock in beauty. Ogre women tend to be pleasant to look on (even for other humanoid kinds) and are on average wiser than their male counter-parts. Ogre men are oft-times violent and driven by their aggressive emotions. Women bear the children and even raise them, but they run the household and have authority over their husbands. Many ogre women can be found in leadership roles within the larger Loar society.