Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance



Raw Nature, Freedom from Restraint, Magic, Elves, Fey

Favored Kinds

Elf, Fey

Favored Classes

Wizard, Fighter, Barbarian, Summoner


Niaaca is portrayed as an elfin woman of wild, exotic beauty. She always wears somewhat revealing clothing made of plants and/or animal skins. Her golden hair flows all the way to the ground, brushing it, and her feet are always bare.

Niaaca was the goddess of magic, the wilder side of nature, elves, and all fey before the Sundering. She represented pure abandon, freedom from all restraints, and could be vicious or capricious, though she also had a tendered side. Those who followed her didn't so much tend to the natural things like the followers of Addiyr, but gave themselves over to it, growing almost feral. Only those who followed the path of magic had any discipline, yet even they hungered for knowledge such that their discipline merely channeled their avarice.

Legends say that Niaaca was the first life on Loar and she lived all alone. It drove her somewhat mad to be so lonely all the time and from that, the spark of immortality ignited in her as she created the first plants then animals.

She has one natural daughter, Ere'.


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