A mordwolf is a hulking, powerful canine found througout the wilds of Loar. They prefer woodlands, hills, and mountains, but have adapted to most terrains. They are considered natural beasts rather than warped by the Sundering since there is evidence they existed long before the Sundering and they are not wantonly cruel like most aberrations.

Mordwolves stand chest high at the their backs and stand taller than most humans at the head. They have rigid plates that cover otherwise vulnerable areas like the chest and spine. These plates are similar to bone in composition but have significant differences. This same material manifests as spiked protrusions in various places on the mordwolf body, differing with each wolf. The older the mordwolf, the larger the protective growth. Anywhere from two to six horns adorn the heads of females, while males have none.

Mordwolf society is omniarchial in that there is an alpha male and female that lead the pack. Each has distinct roles, but are respected and obeyed as if a single leader. Since Mordwolves mate for life, there is no stress based on reproductive competition. When either of the alphas dies, the remaining alpha will leave the pack. Candidate pairs will vie in combat or sometimes other contests (food, shelter, etc.) to determine the new alphas of the pack. The pack acknowledges their chosen leader simply by following the lead of whichever pair they believe to be the winners of whatever contest was waged.

Mordwolves grow throughout their lives and do not suffer from old age. Older members of the sub-kind can be ridden as mounts if the relationship between they and their potential rider has developed sufficiently. Most mordwolves die fighting other creatures, but the oldest slip away from their friends or packs at some unknown trigger and are never seen again.

These noble creatures are highly sought after as companions (never pets) by druids and shamans of the monster hunting clans as well as some rangers. They are fiercely loyal once that has been earned. Non-mordwolves who earn mordwolf loyalty are considered members of the pack.