Manticore have a long bloody history that stretches back beyond the Sundering. They have been hunted to near extinction in Loar. Only on Fairilund do they still have a healthy population.

Like all cats they can climb, but find the trees less maneuverable. Several advantages make up for their lack of agility. They have thicker muscles. Their bite is highly toxic. The poison initially paralyzes anything humanoid or smaller within seconds. In a matter of days the poison degrades the blood turning it into a second toxin that almost always kills the victim if not treated.

Manticore prey most often on large flyers, their favorite meal. To facilitate their hunting the manticore is equipped with a tail ending in quills, which it can launch en masse or one at a time as it wills. Each tail contains anywhere from fifteen to twenty quills when full. Quills take upwards of three weeks to grow to a point where they can be launched. Even before then, they still make effective spikes when the bony bulb at the end of the tail is used as a club. The quills contain another poison, a milder paralysis inducer than the poison in manticore mouth.