Maiketh Nadjia
Loar character
Kind Elf
Age 257
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Blonde
Eye color Green
Class Crafter
Book(s) Sundered
Home Island Bethairia
Maiketh Nadjia is an elfin craftswoman living in Pulonaionos. Her husband, a human treasure hunter and explorer has not been home in two years. Elfin lives being what they are, his absence does not bother Maiketh, but she is concerned for their daughter, Marli. Maiketh lives with Marli in Pulonaionos on Bethairia. There she crafts and sells all manner of jewelry and trinkets from the stockpile her husband has accumulated over the years. It is a very rare event for elfs and humans to breed. Marli is therefore an only child.


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