Loar character
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Kind Meliai
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair color Green
Eye color Light Brown
Class Spiritualist
Book(s) Sundered
Home Island Fairilund
Lorrel'hai is a meliai who tends a grove in northeastern Fairilund. She is a sister to Hannah’lei of the Ets el Dim’awbehemah.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Thean Layisar and Marli Nadjia of Bethairia travel to Lorrel'hai's grove driven by the Prophecy to deliver a message from Lorrel'hai's sister, Hannah'lei. They are accompanied by Jai Rogeddian and an elite patrol from the Island. Lorrel'hai finds out that the Veil of Niaaca has been broken, which she surmises has something to do with the new aberrations that are attacking villages north of her grove. She gives Thean and Jai the information they need and encourages them to deliver it to Lady Steelguard as soon as possible.


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