Lord Jareb Janem is a human Aeromancer who rules the prison Island of Xamador. He also carries the title of Warden of the Sanitarium. Jareb is a scheming, manipulative man, the consumate politician. He appears benevolent, ready to listen to the people, and a champion of the poor. In reality he is the author of many schemes to redistribute the wealth of everyone else to himself and any temporary allies he has at any given moment. He uses his Island as a breeding ground for those willing to do his less transparent work, and as fodder for his many illicit experiments that many of the Council of Wind do not even know of. Lord Janim has long term goals of complete domination and the patience to carry them out. Only the work of people like Augustian Morrowhope and the Bards continually set him back, pushing him to the edge of his patience.


Council of Wind

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