Landsharks are one of the deadliest predators in Loar. Row upon row of jagged teeth fill a long, pointed face like an arrowhead. Living most of its life underground makes the creature’s skin pale. Like a fish, the aberration has ventral fins allowing it to swim easily in the water and remain upright even though they prefer ‘swimming’ through the earth. Two dorsal fins sat one in front of the other. The smaller fin measures roughly a sixth as large.

A landshark's body ends in a tail that accounts for a third of its body mass. While swimming, this tail propels the creature with unbelievable speed. In the earth the tail remains stationary.

Hundreds of tiny protrusions the size of a paidion’s little finger cover the surface of the creature. The protrusions are what move it through the ground as easily as fish through water. On the belly grow large cilia, which move the beast over the ground as swiftly as in it. Seeing one of the creatures slithering across the ground can intimidate even the most hardened warrior.