Koribald Riftwind
Loar character
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Other names Kori
Kind Human
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair color Bright blonde
Eye color Green
Class Aeromancer/Scout
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Beltair
Kori is the eldest son of Lord Dalgan Riftwind. He and his sister Cairith share the same mother, Dalgan's first wife. His younger brother and sister, Doogan and Alassonia, share a different mother. Kori is the defacto heir of both the rule of Beltair and likely candidate to lead the Council of Wind some day. He is a noble young man much like his father yet without the rigid heart. While Kori believes in the rule of the Aeromancers, he is somewhat like Doogan in his ideals.

Kori is famous not only for his power as an Aeromancer but also because of his skill with the bow and arrow. His personal bow, Longbreath, already has legendary status.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

When Doogan runs away from home, Kori and his father cross paths in Tadashi'i on Beltair. Dalgan sends a whisper host after his son, but pulls up short of actually capturing him. Instead, Dalgan sets Kori to watch over his younger brother during his rebellion. Surprised at his father's change of heart, Kori sets into the job with eagerness. He hires Jayela Carus to tail him and waits to see what his brother will do.


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