Khul-xen are a lower order Xenotaur soldier.  They have two long, muscular forelegs in front and two shorter, thicker back legs.  Their torso flows into broad chests covered in bony spikes and carapace reminiscent of the oritu-eki carapace.  The ends of their muscular, dirt-colored arms taper into sharp points like lances but are actually long, serrated claws. Atop the broad, bony shoulders grows a long, sinewy neck that allows full circle motion.  The heads are crowned with different shaped bone plates that indicate genetic heritage and hierarchy.  Their faces hold deep set, almost skeletal eyes, barely a nose, and a gaping maw of bony ridges for lips and several rows of dagger-like teeth within.  Khul-xen have a bully mentality; fierce so long as they have the upper hand, but cowardly when confronted with superior force.



Islands of Loar QuartetEdit