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Kade Rystalmane is a mysterious human traveler who appears at strange times throughout the Islands of Loar. His dress is that of comfortable dark grey pants and sleeveless shirt and no shoes. At first glance many mistake him for a monk, but cannot define what order. Neither tall nor short, handsome or ill-favored, normally he would be lost in a crowd.

Kade seems to be a geomancer of great power, but denies he has any connection to Loar's mages. Others claim he is a new deity, given his strange obsession with wiping out any following of the old gods or any cults of false gods, but he personally warns in a threatening manner against any attempts to worship him. He in turn claims to believe in a deity above all other gods, but refuses to speak of such in detail. It is likely that he is at odds with his deity at the moment.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Kade is first encountered by Doogan Riftwind, Muskrat, Amirith Daarcphyre and Sareh Midola on Pulon Island. There he is confronting the false priests of Gavithor, an idol of bounty and harvest in the shape of a buffalon. After taking an immense amount of power directed at him by the priests without a scratch, Kade merely touches the tethril idol and it disolves into a large stack of coins, which he then distributes to the crowd. When Sareh asks if the gods are truly gone, Kade claims there was every only one to worship and all the others, even those who left, were only imposters.

The next to encounter him are Thean Layisar, Marli Nadjia, and Caeled on Fairilund. They find him sitting in the middle of a clearing surrounded by the petrified remains of webs and a number of statues. He tells Caeled to warn Lady Steelguard about the cult of Cedijock and implies that she knows him. Then he escorts the others to the pulon and warns them events are about to grow much more difficult.

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Kade does not appear in this book.

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