Jai Rogeddian
Loar character
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Kind Sylph
Age 31
Gender Male
Hair color  ????
Eye color Hazel
Class Aeromancer
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Fairilund
Jai is a sylphon captain in Fairilund's elite guards. Lady Sasha Steelguard relies on him as a close personal advisor, especially in defense matters of the Island. As an accomplished Aeromancer, Jai spends most of his time at Steelguard's side when she is attending business on Fairilund. On occasion, he joins patrols of the Island, especially when there are special concerns.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Jai is sent by Lady Steelguard to capture a Barbarian that has been hunting magical creatures on Fairilund, which is strictly against the Island's laws. Even aberrations require special permits to hunt on Fairilund, and they are rarely given. Jai, along with the most elite scouts on Fairilund (Bayonca, Perstault, Masanoki, Caeled, Esme, and Quelbos), hunt and capture the Barbarian Thean Layisar and his Scout friend Marli Nadjia. They charge Thean with hunting beasts without liscense and with unfair advantages of his clansman training and an ability called therionpoimen which translates from the sorcerer's tongue to "beast shepherd. At the castle, Steelguard holds a brief mock trial which is more to hold up certain appearances, but is in reality a strangely presented request for Thean to help with his new ability. He agrees.

Together with the elite scouts, Thean, and Marli, Jai leads the group into a town at the edge of Fairilund recently decimated by unknown attacks. A series of new aberrations, working together of all things, attacks the group, killing some and severely wounding others. Only fast thinking saves the rest and they retreat, bearing their wounded.

Jai reports the mission a weary success as it was deemed a scouting mission from the outset and they gathered a large amount of information.


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