Indrys Garhawk
Loar character
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Kind Human
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair color Golden Blonde
Eye color Brown
Class Druid
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island  ????
Indrys Garhawk is a skilled young druid from the clan Sa'ardrake on Upper Eschelon. She is betrothed to Nausor Krand. The two often travel with their good friend, the hunter, Lina Lagrotto trying to clear Loar of any aberrations.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Indrys, along with Nausor and Lina, team up with Lina's brother, Spenciel, to help clear a herd of hyppon from a river in northeastern Upper Eschelon. When they arrive, the hunter Gedd Thorft has beat them to the job and used an illegal device to call in a school of landsharks to chase off the hyppon. Lina revokes Gedd's liscense as a hunter.

After Gedd leaves, Faryn Willowane devises a plan to eliminate the landsharks. Indrys uses her druid power to cause some ice-shaver thorn vines to grow throughout the part of the river Faryn turned into a block of ice with her hydromancy. The ice-shaver thorn vines have developed a special appetite for aberrations and completely consume the landsharks.

Islands of Loar: CausalityEdit


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