Humans are the most prolific humanoid kind in all of Loar. They excel in most areas of trade, most classes, and are master diplomats. Most humans stand from 5' to 6.5' tall and range from 105 to 250 pounds as adults with a few outliers. Females tend to be shorter and physically weaker than males on average. Skin color ranges from the deepest browns to almost white and everything in between. There is no racism in Loar and intermarriage between people of different skin colors is as likely to occur as not. Geographic distinctions that required racial adaptations do not exist in the Islands. Most humans do not live to be 100.

Humans in Loar are like the other humanoid kinds in many ways, but there are significant differences. Humans, though, are the standard by which other kinds are held up against.

Humans tend to build cities and towns and have large, extended families, but the core of Human society is the nuclear family. Given the dangerous nature of life on Loar, it is not uncommon to see nuclear families with multiple sets of step-siblings and/or single parents.


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