Hobgoblins at first glance seem to be a sub-race of Orc. Large, floppy ears, weird beard patterns in the males, and different skin colors set them apart. Hobgoblins start at 6' as adults and can grow as tall as 8', though many average just under 7'. Their skins are oranges, yellows, and siennas mostly. Hobgoblin women are thinner of frame and generally taller than males. Hobgoblins are generally considered rather intelligent and many choose administrative professions or become Wizards. They have lives spanning close to four centuries.

The long lives of Hobgoblins tend to promote large families with several generations interacting. However, Hobgoblins are strong believers in leaving and cleaving. Offspring are under the authority of the parents until they marry, then the parents have no more authority over (or responsibility for) their offspring (except to spoil the third and following generations to the best of their ability). Hobgoblin society has distinct roles within the family, but it is less hierarchical than typical Human families. One spouse may be an adventurer, seeking wealth hunting Sundering-Warped aberrations or exploring ruins while the other runs the household and maybe minds the shop. Gender makes little difference.