These tiny flying creatures inject a type of delirium-inducing poison into most blood-based organisms.  The result of the delirium keeps those suffering from distinguishing between friend or foe.  With magic available to the defenders of Loar, the swarms are far less effective without other Xenotaur to protect them.  In the villages where there are no people truly trained to fight, most run and hide from those they perceive to be enemies.

Hemaski-sattan are something like plump mosquitos. They have two tiny bladders on either side of their proboscis-like snout. The proboscis is capable of sucking blood from a victim and storing the DNA for later use by the Emissary. However, it's primary use is for injecting the poison from those bladders into it's victim. Each Hemaski-sattan carries enough poison to affect two human-sized creatures or one larger creature like an ogre. It takes a minute or so for the bladders to completely refill.

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