Hefgor Jadesifter
Loar character
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Kind Dwarf
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Class Thief
Book(s) Sundered
Home Island Upper Eschelon
Hefgor is a teenaged dwarven thief from Tharverton. Matilden Jadesifter, his mother, has never married but has several children by different fathers. Hefgor is in a constant chain of trouble in town.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Hefgor is caught stealing from a local merchant and taken before Magister cin'Kragg for punishment. Given the long list of petty crimes Hefgor has committed in his short life, the Magister considers removing a hand as punishment. Spenciel Lagrotto asks, instead, that Hefgor be assigned to his group to help with their mission. He convinces cin'Kragg that the open road, the responsibility, and the adventure would either kill the young boy or help him grow up and out of his foolishness.

Hefgor is immediately thrown into situations well over his head in the mines of Tharverton and later in the Tinikean hive near Starchime. The night after the survivors of the battle in the hive camp at the base of the tower, Hefgor disappears.


Islands of Loar Quartet:

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