Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance

Good/Limited Law


Protection of Children, Harmless Pranks, Entertainment, Gambling, Good Fun

Favored Kinds


Favored Classes

Bard, Rogue


Handsome human wearing bardic attire. Always seen with a long cape, an instrument of some kind, and his legendary sword strapped to his side. Halai is never depicted with anything other than a smile, smirk, or grin as if the universe held nothing but amusement for him.

Halai was a god of tricks and entertainment. Of all the departed gods, legends surrounding Halai survive the most. Halai's reputation was that of good fun, story telling, and compassion. Though he often played tricks on his fellow deities, earning no end of ire from any and all, when the dice stopped rolling, they always appreciated his solid loyalty to his friends.

Halai did not begin life as a god but a mortal human. Most of the time, he traveled from town to town telling stories, singing, or generally entertaining the people, whether rich or poor. Generally he only consented to food, lodging, and a small amount of coin for traveling expenses as payment. Most considered him the best at what he did, but anyone could afford him. Halai promoted selflessness in everyone around him, especially those who took up the title of bard. More often than not, the young man would play for children's birth days or other important occasions.

A great evil, lost in legend, attacked the land. Halai, more than any other human stood against this evil. Most of his effort focused on protecting the children of the kind and raising the spirits of the humans to not only survive, but fight back against this evil which slaughtered them as chattel, some say for food. At one point, Halai stood as the only defense against a wave of evil and hundreds of children. Legends say he fought for forty two days straight with only the faith of the children to sustain him. Without concern for hunger or thirst, Halai fought. His sword arm never tired, his body never felt fatigue, though he never had a single second of respite. He knew that if he fell, the children would face an end worse than just death. In that battle, the spark of immortality ignited in Halai. The enemy fell back eventually and soon capitulated to the combined might of the other kinds. Halai took his place among the ranks of the gods of Loar.


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