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Range deals strictly with how far from the caster a spell can travel. This may include travel time before the effect happens or it may include the effect the entire distance. Range is in all three cardinal directions and is considered a radius. For spells with multiple, independent effects, the range applies to all of them equally unless otherwise noted. It does not split between them.

Primary Characteristic = Agility or Intelligence

Secondary Characteristic = Strength or Spirit

Spell Construction Edit

Range comes in five primary categories, then can be stretched beyond that for additional cost.

DS to




-- 0 Self
15 +15 Touch - No range, but can affect

other targets besides the caster

20 +20 Short - 0-40m
25 +15 Medium - 40-90m
30 +15 Long - 90-150m
+5 +20 Additional 100m

^EDR Costs are cumulative: see Far Spells below

Far Spells Edit

Spells can be enhanced on the fly to have increased range. To increase the range to the next range increment, an additional EDR cost must be paid based on the table above. To increase the range multiple increments, all increment EDR costs must be paid. For instance, a spell that is typically a Touch spell, can be cast at Long Range (150m or less) for an EDR cost of 15 + 20 + 15 + 15 = 65. The reason the step from Touch to Short Range is higher is because there is a different dynamic to spell casting going from direct contact to actual ranged effect.

Traits and Foibles can further modify range.

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