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The other aspect covers those quirky aspects of spells that don't rightly fit into a larger category on their own. Changes in cosmetics, combining spells, and other esoteric properties all fall here for lack of a better place.

Primary Characteristic = None.

Secondary Characteristic = None.

Knockback Edit

A spell that does knockback generally has some force behind whatever attack is being done. This knockback pushes corporeal targets back away from the caster or in the direction of the force of the spell. For knockback back to work, the spell has to do damage equal to 1/4 the weight of the object being knocked back.

Difficulty Score Modifier

+1 - every 5m of knockback.

Prerequisite SpellsEdit

Spells that require pre-requisite spells to cast subtract one quarter of the DS of any Prerequisite spells from DS of the spell being learned. Typically to meet the Prerequisite condition, a prerequisite must reach 5 Trained Points. This means a total of 15 failures of the Prerequisite spell.

For example, to learn Fireball, Ashler Searii must gain 5 TP in Firebolt. Firebolt also had a Prerequisite of Firedart - 5 TP. Total DS for both spells is 34 so 11 points is subtracted from Fireball's DS before rolling to learn the spell.

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