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This aspect helps the spell caster determine the number of targets that can be hit. Generally speaking, this spell is used when specific targets are desired, even within an Area of Effect. For targeted spells, this Aspect allows the number of targets to increase beyond the first. For AoE spells, this Aspect allows for selective targeting within that area.

Primary Characteristic = Agility or Intelligence

Secondary Characteristic = Personality or Beauty

Spell Construction Edit

DS to



of Targets

-- Self
15 One
18 Two
+3 Each Additional within Range
25 Targets Area
35 Selective Targeting Within Area

Increased Targeting Edit

The number of targets can be increased on the fly for 2 EDR per target for spells that specifically target. Each target beyond the first subtracts 5 point from the roll before the Reactive Roll is made. To Selective Target within an AoE, that cost is increased to 5 EDR per target as the amount of control required for that amount of specificity is harder than just adding a target to a list.

Traits and Foibles can further modify.

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