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Intensity has to do with how powerful the base spell is. That Intensity is determined by comparison of opposing rolls. However, that intensity can be increased using this Aspect.

Primary Characteristic = Strength or Spirit

Secondary Characteristic = Constitution or Personality

Spell Construction Edit

Typical is based on the difference between the Skill check and the opposed Skill check or the DS. However, for increased spell cost, the Intensity of the Spell can be increased beyond its base. To determine additional intensity use the following chart to increase the cost of the spell at construction. Increased intensity will apply to all castings of the specific spell, usually after the base effect is determined:

DS to






10 0d10; usually intensity = PC of Spectrum of the Caster None
16 Add 1 to base effect 1
20 All 1s are treated as 2s 2
30 All 1-2s are treated as 3s 3
40 All 1-3s are treated as 4s 4
50 All 1-4s are treated as 5s 5
60 All 1-5s are treated as 6s 6
70 All 1-6s are treated as 7s 7
80 All 1-7s are treated as 8s 8
90 All 1-8s are treated as 9s 9
100 All 1-9s are treated as 10s (does not explode dice) 10

Empowering Spells Edit

Endurance can also be used to make spells more powerful on the fly. By expending an additional 10 EDR at the time of casting, and additional 1d10 can be added to the skill check for any spell to determine the base roll. This bonus stacks as many times as the caster wishes to expend EDR.

Traits and Foibles can further modify intensity.

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