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Most, if not all, spells require a bit of physical endurance to cast. They require effort and so they take something out of the spellcaster. When casting a spell, the Endurance Aspect of the spell is listed on the EDR line. The most common is 1 EDR for every 1d10 in the Total Skill roll.

Spell Construction Edit

When constructing a spell, the EDR Aspect can bring the cost of learning the spell down. For every 1 EDR/d10 above the first, the DS to learn the spell is reduced by 1. In other words, every spell has a minimum of 1 EDR to cast. Anything beyond that reduces the DS of the spell.

Primary Characteristic = Constitution or Spirit.

Secondary Characteristic = Strength

Easing Spells Edit

Endurance Expenditure of a Spell can be reduced by increasing it's casting time. For every 1 additional Casting Time increment taken to cast the spell, the Endurance Cost is halved. For example, a Fireball typically takes 1 Turn to cast. It's a 6d10+15 check for the caster so it costs 6 EDR to cast. The caster can take one additional Turn to cast the spell and reduce the EDR of the spell to 3. Total EDR to cast a spell cannot reduce below 1.

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