Fan of ForceEdit

Fan of Force sends out a two dimensional arc of force from whatever Spectrum applies, usually Air or Arcane, but also any of the natural Spectra. The spell does little damage, but knocks back any physical objects within its area of effect.


Fan of Force knocks back physical objects based on their mass versus the opposed checks. It may also shatter fragile objects. To determine the amount of knockback, divide the mass of the object in kg by the difference to determine the number of meters. On Earth normal gravity planets, 1 kg = 2.2 pounds.

[If your campaign is in space, you should probably just convert everything to metric anyway. Trust me, it will be way easier.]

Fan of Force does damage equal to the PCB of the caster for every meter of knockback. This is doubled if the knockback ends because of an impassible barrier behind the object knocked back.

For an additional 10 EDR/Player Turn, the spell can be continued doing 1/2 the knockback and damage each Player Turn of the caster for as long as the spell is maintained.

Spell ConstructionEdit

  • DS: 15
  • Spectra: Air , Arcane, or most Natural
  • Purpose: Attack (knockback)
  • Casting Time:1 Turn
  • Duration: None + concentration
  • Duration-Ticks: None (see description)
  • EDR: 1/d10 in the TS
  • Intensity: Knockback (see description) + PCB/meter of knockback
  • Number of Targets: Typically two standard
  • Prerequisite: Force Bolt
  • Range: 2m
  • Shape: 2 Dimension - Fan - 45 degree arc
  • Verbal Component: Ptyon harpazō (21 Complexity)
  • Somatic Component: Caster splays both hands out, palms down with thumbs touching. (22 Complexity)
  • Material Component: None

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

2d10+8 Fan of Force INT 7 SPI 3 0 8 7/18


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