This spell blinds a character making it impossible for them to see for the duration.


This spell is typically considered a Body spell, but other Spectrum might also justify it (e.g. Earth magically blinds with dust or Void causes temporary cataracts to form). Blind removes the ability to see by magically hindering whatever receptors a creature uses to detect photons. Any creature that is blinded suffers a penalty on all physical checks that require them to see equal to the difference in a failed opposing check vs. the check for Blind. The duration of the spell is also equal to that difference in turns.

Blind can be cast as an indirect spell (does not have to cross the intervening space and does not suffer from barriers so long as the caster can sense the target) up to 30m away. For every 5 additional EDR, this range can be increased by 10m.

The effect of the Blind spell is magical and can be dispelled or reversed through other means by specifically addressing the nature of the blindness. Otherwise, the spell lasts for the duration then completely reverses itself.

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2d10+3 Blind CON 8 CON 4 0 1 9/13

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