This spell binds a creature or object with magic so that it cannot move. The amount of binding is up to the caster up to and including complete immobility. Many law enforcement characters use this to bind prisoners until they can be properly jailed.


The binding spell takes the form of the element used to cast it, so a Body-based spell might look like paralysis, an Earth-based version might look like metal shackles or granite cuffs, and a Void-based Bind might look like skeletal hands holding the target. Whatever the form, the effect is the same, save that using a particular Spectrum to Bind an opposing Spectrum creature or construct gets an additional +10 to the Bind check against the creature. This spell can be focused to cause a target not to not be able to move their legs, arms, heads, or entire bodies. Once the Bind spell is successful and active, the caster can control the extent of the binding for the duration of the spell.

This spell has an area of effect equal to a 1 meter radius from the point the caster designates. This area can be increased by a 1 meter radius for every 5 EDR the caster spends at the time of casting. The spell affects all creatures in the area, though each gets to make its own opposing check. If the opposing check is not more than 10 above the Bind check, then the creature is slowed to half their combat movement speed, otherwise they are free to move through the spell as if it were not there. When multiple targets are bound, the caster can individually or collectively manipulate the amount of Binding as needed for the duration of the spell once it is successful against a target. Once an opposing check has failed, the target is bound for the duration of the check or until released by the caster.

The Secondary Characteristic of this spell is the average of Spirit and Constitution instead of the normal Agility for the Movement Purpose.

Spell ConstructionEdit

ground, then rotating upward into a claw at end of Casting Time (Complexity 15)

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Bind INT 8 SPI + CON/2 3 0 1 4/12

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