The purpose of this spell is very specific. It is meant to banish a creature not of the Prime Realm back to it's original one. The spell is typically tied to an opposing spectrum, but some have broader applications like Arcane. See the list below.


Creatures/Constructs Edit

Banish attempts to send 1 or more creatures of a certain Realm back to that Realm from another, especially the Prime Realm. The caster rolls their Banish check. The GM adds the 9 Base Characteristics of the creature(s) the caster is trying to banish plus any modifiers against banishment the creature may have. If that total is less than the check, the creature is banished back to their Spectrum Realm (even if not originally from there). If the totals of all Base Characteristics + modifiers against banishment for two or more targeted creatures is less than the check, then all are banished. If the total is greater, then they are banished in order from least to greatest total Base Characteristics.

The EDR cost to Banish creatures or constructs is equal to the total Base Characterstics score banished/10.

Equipment/Objects Edit

The spell can also be used to Banish an object such as an Attuned sword or suit of armor. To expel an item, the caster's Banish check must be greater than twice the equipment's creation cost DC. The EDR is equal to the cost of the equipment to be banished divided by 10.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+12 Banish Spectrum 8 AGL 3 0 1 4/12

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