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The caster leaves their body and their spirit travels in the Astral Realm in spirit form.


The caster leaves their body behind in the Prime Realm while their spirit travels to the Astral Realm. While there, the caster interacts with the Astral Realm as if they were an Astral. Their Astral body is actually a projection of their mind, but it is subconscious and takes on a form that can only be changed and maintained with effort and training.

While on this journey, the Astral form takes on physical characteristics equal to their mental ones. Agility is based on Intelligence, Strength is based on Wisdom, and Constitution on Personality. All other scores, save Beauty remain as they are. Beauty is determined by the form taken.

Caster retains all spells and other mental conditions. If their body is wearing any gear or has any effects that enhance the non-physical traits of the caster, those are still in effect. However, gear that affects only physical traits, do not translate into the Astral State.

The spell lasts until the purpose of the journey is completed, the Astral form is 'killed', or the Endurance (EDR) runs out. In any of these cases, the spirit immediately returns to the body without ill effect, unless the Astral form is slain. In that case, the caster loses all remaining EDR and is disoriented for 1d10-SPI hours.

The initial EDR investment is 5 EDR for every 1d10 in the Total Skill check, but while in the Astral Realm, EDR drains from the caster at a rate of 2/hour.

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1d10+9 Astral Journey SPI 4 AGL 4 0 1 0/9

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