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Arcane Shield produces a concave field of pure magical energy to shield the caster and those behind him from ranged attacks, especially magical ones.


The concave field envelopes the caster through 180 degrees with a diameter of 1m/10 TSB. Those directly behind the field, including the caster, are protected from all magical ranged attacks below the skill check of Arcane Shield. It also applies a -10 penalty to any mundane ranged attack passing through the shield, deflecting or slowing the missile.

The spell lasts for a number of Turns equal to the Speed of the caster. Additional Turns can be added for a -3 to the Arcane Shield check for each additional Turn. If the shield is hit by magic of superior power (a higher roll) then it absorbs that spell up to the Arcane Shield check, but the rest of the attacking spell makes it through with normal effect.

For example, Nauni casts Arcane Shield with a roll of 21. Several spells are cast at her, all with rolls below 21 and are dissipated against the shield. Then a high-powered Voidmancer casts an inverted Fireball at her with a check of 30. 21 points of the Fireball are absorbed, leaving only 9 points, which means Nauni and those with her take 2d10 damage from the Fireball.

The MC for the spell is a small gem carved in the shape of a round shield of value no less than the TSB of the Arcane Shield Spell.

As a Defensive spell, this spell can be cast defensively for an additional EDR cost equal to the TSB of the Arcane Shield.

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1d10+16 Arcane Shield INT 8 SPI 2 1 5 3/16

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