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The Arcane Rune allows the caster to write, draw, or otherwise inscribe on a surface that is visible or in such a way that only they or those using special means can see. Many casters use this to personally identify their property, though there are a wide variety of uses beyond that.


Arcane Rune allows the caster to write up to 10 characters per TSB of the spell on a single object so long as there is space to do so. They may also draw within the area that would take up the same amount of space as that many words in their normal handwriting. This is a magical inscribing and does not actually harm the material the rune is attached to.

The caster can see this writing with a simple act of will whenever they wish. Others must use some form of sensing magic that allows them to sense arcane or invisible things.

Arcane Rune is special in that it is exceptionally hard to dispel (-50 to all attempts to dispel). However, it can be erased by the caster or by a successful inversion of the spell by another caster who must add -20 to the check.

Other spells that require an Arcane Rune to function will have that in their description. Arcane Rune can be made permanent by an Imprint or similar spell.

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1d10+12 Arcane Rune INT 8 WIS 3 0 1 1/12

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