Antimagic BurstEdit

The caster is able to remove a single simple enchantment completely or negate a single more powerful enchantment for a small amount of time of all objects caught within range of an expanding dome of antimagic energy.


The caster releases an expanding dome of anti-magic effect out away from their body and removes a single temporary magical effect from any objects caught in the blast. This includes people. The magical effects may not have a duration longer than a day. The burst only removes one magical effect per object or person, the lowest DS first. Carried objects are counted separately from the person carrying them. There is no roll to check success. The spell works against any short duration effect no matter how powerful, but always the lowest first.

Alternatively, the caster may subdue completely a single magical effect that has a duration longer than one day up to permanent per object caught in the dome. If successfully subdued, the effect returns immediately to full power after a single day. To succeed, the caster of the Antimagic Burst must roll higher than half the DS of the spell or effect to be subdued. If the caster knows the general idea of the effect they would like to try to subdue, then that effect is targeted for all objects within the spell's area of effect. If no effect is targeted, then the lowest DS effect will be targeted first. Only one check is made for the spell, but each object or person rolls separately to see if its effect is subdued.

Additional removal or subduing requires additional iterations of the spell.

The range for the spell is a 5m radius sphere emanating from the caster.

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3d10+5 Antimagic Burst INT 8 SPI 3 0 14 4/25

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