This spell creates a perfect outer layer of skin made of high-density athrakeutic fiber which makes the target impervious to any external attack, whether mundane or magical, for the duration of the spell.


The skin will deflect any single attack made no matter the damage amount including hitting a planet from orbit and can deflect a number of attacks equal to the BP+TP+1 of the Anthrakeuticskin spell. For attacks to count, they must do a minimum of 10 damage. Once the number of attacks has been reached, the spell ends.

Spell ConstructionEdit

No harm befalls earth’s hardest child.

Grown through the ages tough and wild.

No point can pierce, no hammer pound, no blade can slice, no weapon found,

Can cause skin to part, nor bone to crack, nor blood fall upon the ground.

No harm befalls earth’s strongest child.

Raised in wisdom meek and mild.

No blaze of fire, no blast of cold, no scouring wind, nor spell untold,

Can pass the wall of the earth’s final child and wound the caster’s soul. (Complexity 820)

  • Somatic Component: Hot shavings must be sprinkled on target though they will not harm the target. The caster must then place hands on some part of the target. (Complexity 30)
  • Material Component: 1 handful of anthrakeutic shavings collected in a chain metal bag while still hot. Shavings must be collected in conjuction with a Preserve Component spell so that they remain hot. (10,000 Chrusil)

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+15 Anthrakeutic Armor STR 5 AGL 4 1 5 0/15

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